Boarding Kennels

Boarding Kennels

Four Paws Kennels offer days of fun and nights of rest, stay with the best!

Our modern overnight dog boarding kennels are perfect for a single night or for a longer stay. Built using the latest designs, technology and care methods, our aim is to promote a calm, quiet and stress-free environment. We can cater for individual dogs or large family bookings.

We pride ourselves on our unique service and how well we know your dogs. When dogs come for a Four Paws holiday they can choose the service to suit their needs. This is either daycare fun with friends, followed by restful night’s sleep or individual paddock playtime throughout the day, followed by restful night’s sleep. All dogs will get lead walks around our beautiful grounds during their stay.

We regularly update social media which is a great way to check on your dog while you are away.  Like our page Four Paws - Doggie Daycare, Boarding Kennels and Dog Grooming and you will see the pictures and videos of the dog’s fun.

What makes Four Paws Kennels unique?

We are always keen to try new ideas and keep improving our services. Our aim is simple; we want to keep tails wagging in Cheshire!

Four Paws Doggie Daycare was the first of its kind in Cheshire. We pride ourselves on our unique service and how well we know your dogs. With lots of space to run, jump and play in our paddock or relax and snooze in our barn, this is what set us apart from other kennels. However, if your dog can not join in the daycare fun we don't want them missing out on a Four Paws holiday. We offer lead walks around our grounds and individual paddock playtime.

Our team have extensive knowledge and qualifications which ensure your dogs are cared for to the highest standard. Their skills including Canine First Aid, Canine Behaviour and Psychology, Animal Management, Dog Grooming, Veterinary Support and Dog Training. All of our apprentices are working towards a level 2 NVQ in Animal Management within their duties at Four Paws, before they evolve their studies in their chosen field.

Our kennels design is the most modern and dog friendly. No dogs face each other preventing a build up of tension or noise, allowing a relaxed stay. Each kennel has a roof to make the dogs feel safe and enclosed like they would in the comfort of your own home

The materials used in the building are made for the job. The walls and roof of each kennel are easily cleaned and the plastic won’t harbour bacteria like traditional surfaces. They are also coated in a special film to make them more fire resistant. The soundproofing in the walls reduce echo in the building meaning a sounder sleep for all at night.

Monitor Cameras are in each kennel which includes night vision functions. This means we can check the dogs at any time of the night without waking them all up.

Adaptil diffusers are strategically placed within the building releasing a reassuring pheromone that only canines can smell. This helps to calm and relax dogs in situations that are new to them or that they may be nervous about.

Classical music is played at a low level throughout the building during the night to offer soothing background noise.

A Tuffies Durasoft Mattress Bed is supplied for each dog to get a restful night’s sleep. Having undergone rigorous testing against other leading brands of dog beds, Tuffies have designed a bed with twice as much internal stuffing securely sewn into place and covered in a wipe able cover. This allows a bed with maximum joint support for your dogs to relax on. We will also add a blanket or two for dogs that like to nest or wrap up.

Skinners dog food provides a healthy, balanced diet for the dogs in our care and we will portion size according to your dog’s perfect weight. We will weigh each dog at the beginning of their stay and adjust their portions as required meaning they stay in prime condition.

Under floor heating is provided in the sleeping area of each kennel, but that’s not all. The whole building is insulated and the ceiling sprayed in a foam substance used to maintain climates. This means we can maintain the warmth in winter but also keep the kennels cool in summer.

CCTV is in place across the whole of the Four Paws site giving you extra piece of mind about your dog’s security.

Go-Slow Feeding Bowls in two different designs allow us to slow down the greedy pups and make feeding times a more relaxed experience. Slower eating aids digestion in all breeds and can reduce conditions such as bloat occurring.

Lighting is provided in every part of the building and individual kennels, so if any of our guests are afraid of the dark we can leave them a night light on for reassurance.

Dog Grooming is now available 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) at the Four Paws site. If you would like your dog bathed and styled ready for collection just let us know and they will be treated to a pamper in our fully refurbished salon.

Facebook is a great way to check on your dog while you are away. Like our page Four Paws - Doggie Daycare, Boarding Kennels and Dog Grooming and you will see the pictures and videos of the dog’s fun that we upload on a daily basis.

Administering medication is no problem for our team and we are skilled in a variety of techniques so we are happy to look after those dogs that need a little extra care.

3 dogs can sleep together in one of our family suites. We found that sometimes families can get split up with other kennels only accommodating 2 in each run so we made our suites big enough so nobody has to be alone (unless you prefer that!).